Updates to SIMA Project Structure

Sep 8, 2022

The NCAR Director (Everette Joseph) is pleased to announce that SIMA is implementing new project structure and governance, and Senior Scientist Mary Barth (from ACOM and MMM) is moving into the role of project lead. Along with these changes, the NCAR Executive Committee (EC) has decided to provide the project with three additional years of dedicated investment accompanied by contributions from the labs involved. 

The NCAR Director and EC have also appointed a steering committee to provide guidance to ensure success for the SIMA project. The governance structure is part of a pilot approach to strengthen NCAR's capacity for cross-lab coordination in science efforts. The SIMA steering committee has written a charter for SIMA that provides the scope of the project, including objectives, expectations, anticipated timeline, and outlines roles and responsibilities. The charter describes a two-pronged approach to SIMA development, with a focus on continued core infrastructure development and using a frontier science application to develop SIMA further. 

Details on the new SIMA structure and governance can be found on the SIMA governance page.