Climate: Refined Mesh

CAM6 and the Spectral Element (SE) dynamical core now feature the capability to run refined mesh simulations. SIMAv0 has developed meshes for climate simulations over the Coterminous United States (CONUS) at 14km. These have been used in numerous developmental publications (e.g. XX). The configuration of the CONUS mesh is now available to the community.

It will run with atmosphere only compsets, running the atmosphere and land interactively, with specified ocean SSTs. Coupled configurations are not supported yet.

The grid broadly looks like this:

CONUS Grid, From Gettelman et al 2018

CONUS Grid, From Gettelman et al 2018

For some idea of the performance, please see Gettelman et al 2018, who documented the use of such a grid for regional climate simulations, and show a detailed characterization of the grids against uniform high and low resolution simulations.

Instructions for Running SIMAv0 CONUS grid on the Cheyenne Supercomputer

  • Clone the repository
    git clone my_cesm_sandbox
  • Go into the newly created CESM repository and checkout the SIMAv0 tag
    cd my_cesm_sandbox
    git checkout cesm2_2_alpha06d
  • Run the script manage_externals/checkout_externals
  • Create a SIMAv0 Polar case on Cheyenne
    /cime/scripts/create_newcase -res ne0CONUSne30x8_ne0CONUSne30x8_mt12 ...
  • Setup, build and submit the executable to the cheyenne queue
    qcmd -- ./


  • Gettelman, A., P. Callaghan, V. E. Larson, C. M. Zarzycki, J. T. Bacmeister, P. H. Lauritzen, P. A. Bogenschutz, and R. B. Neale. 2018. “Regional Climate Simulations With the Community Earth System Model.” Journal of Advances in Modeling Earth Systems 10 (6): 1245–65.