SIMA v0 Applications

Simulated radar reflectivity of Typhoon Chaba (western Pacific) from a global MPAS simulation using a 3-km mesh

Develop a new portable and robust infrastructure for building and maintaining chemistry schemes, develop a regionally refined chemical model over the US at 14km


Extending current dynamical cores up to the thermosphere, and enable coupling to a geomagnetic grid


A refined mesh configuration of CESM2 with 14km resolution over the Arctic and over Greenland is being developed for community use

CONUS Grid, From Gettelman et al 2018
Climate: Refined Mesh

A 14km CESM2 mesh for the United States is being developed for the community

Fractional occurrence of graupel as a percent in a 14-km refined-mesh global simulation capturing heavy orographic precipitation in California

The non-hydrostatic MPAS dynamical core is being integrated with CESM to enable the explicit simulation of atmospheric convection